Bachelors - Business

Our online Bachelors degree program with majors in Business is ideal for anyone who strives to become a strong business leader. Our business students come away from our program with a solid foundation in business principles to help them compete in today’s global market. Ready to become a business leader of tomorrow?


Bachelors - Education

Our online Bachelors degree program with majors in Education is made for people who want to become exceptional teachers as they impact the lives of students every day. Whether you prefer working with babies, toddlers, elementary age students, middle school students, high school students or special needs students, these courses will teach you the skills necessary to help children reach their full potential.

Bachelors-Social Sciences

Bachelors - Social Sciences

Our online Bachelors degree program with majors in Social Sciences offer a variety of relevant courses leading to many career paths, including roles in criminal justice, emergency services, lactation health, psychology and social work. If you have a big heart and a passion for helping people, our social sciences programs are for you.


Masters - Arts

Union Institute & University’s 100% online Master of Arts program emphasizes the connections between scholarship and real-world application, and is built around your own questions and interests. Our faculty encourages this interplay between education and experience, theory and practice, and helps you reflect on the lessons you learn by looking at a question from many vantage points.


Masters - Business

Our Masters in Organizational Leadership program is designed to prepare emerging leaders to develop and enhance their leadership skills, cultivate a productive network within their profession, and integrate their new knowledge into applicable actions. It trains leaders to be innovative solution-builders with the knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of our evolving world.


Masters - Counseling

Love helping people work through problems and feel better about themselves? Our flexible online Masters of Arts degree program major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling prepares students for certification or licensure as a professional counselor. This program offers supervised practicum and internship experiences as required by state and national agencies and credentialing bodies.

Doctoral-Interdisciplinary Studies

Doctoral - Interdisciplinary Studies

Our Doctoral program in Interdisciplinary Studies incorporates interdisciplinary study to expand and deepen your knowledge and expertise. Explore ideas and practices in leadership, public policy, social change, ethics, creativity, innovation, design thinking, and beyond, in our rich online and in-person academic community.